Trekking Arjuno – Welirang Tour

Arjuna/ Welirang mountain chain in East Java consists of 4 peaks over 3,000m from the active Welirang in the west to the long dormant Arjuna in the East. This mountain is set in the ancient Mojopahit heartland and is dotted with temples, graves and other historical sites which are still visited by local folk today. The lower slopes are forested and the upper slopes are covered with tussock and a type of local alpine pine tree. The lalijiwo plateau between the twin peaks of Kembar and Arjuna is noted for deer and wild pigs. Most tracks start off in good condition but as one gets higher the tracks frequently dissappear or turn into a multitude of trails left by animals and lost hikers!
Getting There,The mountain is located about 50km south East of Surabaya and it is easy to rent a taxi from Juanda (Surabaya) airport to take you to Tretes. (or anywhere else for that matter!).Tretes is a mountain resort town with lots of hotels and guesthouses to suit any budget. A good place to spend a few days chilling out. Guides, porters and supplies can be got here.
There are three main routes on the mountain.
The most popular starts from the village of Tretes and follows a wide trail to the Sulphur carriers camp located at a water source between Arjuna and Welirang. From here, one can turn left and head for Lalijiwo Plateau and Arjuna or continue on to the active Welirang. Another route starts above Selecta above Batu to the South. A further route climbs directly to Arjuna from Lawang in the East.
The Routes From Tretes.The trail, (which is surfaced with rocks painstakingly handplaced) winds on steadily upwards towards Welirang and the sulphur camp. In someplaces the trail has been severely damaged by the carts the men are hauling down full of sulphur and they have formed several dusty shortcuts as well. Stick to the rock path or follow up the dusty shotcut as there are no turnoffs and the trails soon rejoin. Takes 4-5 hours at a relaxed pace to reach the Pondok. From the Pondok to Welirang should not take more than 3 hours and a further 2 hours to scale the Kembar twins and descend into the saddle campsite.
Arrival in Juanda International Airport Surabaya / Malang Airport.

– Malang-Batu City Tour
– Leading to Batu hotel. Free program
Morning drive to Jurangkali village in 1 hour than  starting trekking through the tropical rain forest of Mt. Arjuno to Base Camp I in 8 hours. Set up our tent for overnight. Meals provided by our guide. (B,L,D)


Early morning wake up! We climb to the summit of Mount Arjuno. Reach the summit in 53hours walking, watch sunrise if arrive early. Taking photograph and some rest then descend down base camp for breakfast. (B,L,D)
Morning after breakfast we return to Base Camp II.
and continue the journey to the summit Welirang. Taking photograph and some rest then descend down to Jurangkali village,transfer to hotel  Free program.
By air-conditioned car we drive you  journey to Surabaya or Malang  airport for your flight to your next destination
It includes:
– Leader services
– Travel Insurance during ENTIRE trip
– Administration Charges
– All entrance fees and trek package
– All accommodation
– Shuttle / Logistics
– Food & Beverages during entire trip
– Facilities
– Camping gear/equipment
– English speaking guide/crew
– Free Gift
This tour arrangement can be combine with all Bromo Tour Packages

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